Mathematics 167 Game Theory

Instructor: Olga Radko, MS5366
Office hours: TBA

TA: Jason Asher

Class Syllabus

Textbook:Thomas S. Ferguson Game Theory.

Course material: This is an introductory class in game theory. We will study impartial combinatorial games; two-person zero-sum and general-sum game; coalitional forms of some games, as well as utility theory.

Prerequisite: Math 115A or equivalent (first part of undergraduate Linear Algebra).

Homework: The homework is due on Friday. The homework is an essential part of the class. Each week, several chosen problems will be graded, and in addition a certain score will be assigned for completeness. Two lowest homework scores will be dropped in the computation of your final grade. Late homework is not accepted and there will be no make-up homework.

Midterm: There will be one midterm on Monday May 5th (date subject to change) during the regular class hours. Please make sure you have no time conflicts. Unless you have a documented medical problem, there will be no make-up exams.

Quizzes: There will be several quizzes throughout the quarter in the dicussion section. Quiz topics and dates will be announced in advance. One lowest quiz score will be dropped in the computation of your grade. There will be no make-up quizzes.

Extra credit problems (games): Throughout the quarter, several extra credit games will be given for independent solving. Your successfull solutions of these games will be taken into account at the time of assigning the final grade in the class.

Grading: Your final class score will be computed as the maximum of the following:

15% Homework + 15% Quizzes + 20% Midterm + 50% Final
15% Homework + 15% Quizzes + 30% Midterm + 40% Final