Qi Guo (郭骐)
Office: MS 7601
Email: qiguo [at] ucla [dot] edu

I am a fifth-year PhD candidate at Department of Mathematics, UCLA, under supervision of Joseph Teran. Previously, I obtained my B.S. degree (Mathematics) from Shandong University, and obtained my M.S. degree from Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Washington. Also, I have done research internships at Adobe Research, Weta Digital and Facebook Reality Labs with different focuses on real-time fluid simulation on GPU, high-performance physics engine for movie production and the computer vision solution of hand tracking problems for VR.

My research interests include computational mathematics, continuum mechanics and the physics-based simulation for computer graphics. Specifically, we do numerical simulation of the solid elasto-plastic materials with volumetric objects and thin shells using material point method (MPM); also, we explore the general numerical schemes, for example, improving the numerical accuracy of Lagragian-Eulerian scheme, which is applied to both solid and fluid simulation. Meanwhile, I have working experience with GPU programming, VR/AR and deep learning.


    I am currently teaching Math 31B and PIC 10A in Fall 2019.