Research Interests

   Functional Analysis - Operator Algebras: structure and classification of C*-algebras and von Neumann Algebras, especially those coming from groups and their actions on spaces (metric spaces, probability measure spaces); rigidity  aspects in von Neumann algebras  (W*-rigidity)
    Subfactor Theory: analysis of subfactors of finite Jones index, combinatorics of standard invariants, relations to Algebraic Quantum Field Theory and Conformal Field Theory.

   Ergodic Theory: actions of groups by  measure preserving transformations, their classification up to orbit equivalence, invariants (such as cost, L2-Betti numbers, etc), related rigidity aspects (such as orbit equivalence and cocycle superrigidity, etc).

    Group Theory: L2 invariants, rigidity properties, approximation properties, aspects of geometric group theory, etc


Research interests
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