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Functional Analysis Colloquium
During this year we will have the seminar in hybrid format:
Unless otherwise specified, we'll have the seminar at the usual time (Wednesdays 4-4:50pm), and place (
room MS6627); But we will sometimes have talks on Wednesdays morning at 10am Pacific, via Zoom.  

Wednesday Sept 28th: 4-4:50pm in room MS6627
Organisational meeting

Wednesday Oct 5th: Stefaan Vaes (KU Leuven), at 10am via Zoom

Wednesday Oct 12th: we'll have two talks on this date,
both in person in room MS6627
4-4:50pm Sri Kunnawalkam Elyavalli
5-5:50pm Jesse Peterson 

Wednesday Oct 19th: 
Florin Radulescu (Univ. of Rome 2, Tor Vergata),
10-11am via Zoom

Wednesday Oct 26th: we'll have two talks on this date, in person in room 6627:
4-4:50pm Hui Tan (UCSD)
5-5:50pm Sorin Popa (UCLA)

Wednesday Nov 2nd: Daniel Drimbe (KU Leuven)
10-11am via Zoom

Wednesday Nov 9th: in person in room 6627
4-4:50pm Changying Ding (Vanderbilt)

Wednesday Nov 16th: in person meeting in room 6627
4-4:50pm Koichi Oyakawa (Vnnderbilt)

Thursday Nov 17:  there will be two talks in room 6627 by Chris Schafhauser
3-3:50pm and 4-4:50pm

Some of the people giving talks during the 2022-2023 academic year are: Stefaan Vaes,
Sri Kunnawalkam Elyavalli, Jesse Peterson, Florin Radulescu, Hui Tan, Changying Ding,
Koichi Oyakawa, Daniel Drimbe, Chris Schafhauser, Patrick Hiatt, Adrian Ioana, David Jekel,
Sorin Popa, Dima Shlyakhtenko....
List of people visiting us during Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 quarters (tentative): 
Jesse Peterson (Oct 12-15), Magdalena Musat (March 1-31), Mikael Rordam (March 1-31),
Stefaan Vaes (3/14-28), Narutaka Ozawa (3/15-30), Ionut Chifan (3/15-30), Jesse Peterson (3/20-29),
Gilles Pisier (3/14 - 03/30, to be confirmed), Cyril Houdayer (3/24-4/04),
Adrian Ioana (multiple visits).


Related Conferences during 2022-2023:

Conference at UCLA ``Operator Algebras, Quantum Information Theory, and Beyond'',
March 25-29, 2023, with the first two days 03/25-03/26 being dedicated to the memory of  Ed Effros.