Osman Akar

        Graduate Student at UCLA Mathematics Department

    Math Olympiad Tutoring

I have been in Math Olympiad environment since sixth grade as a student and mentor. As a student I won a gold medal at International Mathematical Olympiads and numerous other awards in national and international levels. As a mentor I have been teaching competitive math in various levels since high school. If you want mentoring and private tutoring for your child you can contact me via email.

Class Structure

I usually meet with my students once or twice a week for about 2 hours, then I require at least 5-8 hours of own study between the sessions. This can increase if the student is willing, I would be happy to provide more material. Each session we go over a problem set on some topic (e.g. probability, analytic geometry, inequalities, etc.).

A typical session looks like as follows
  1. We start by solving the homework problems of previous week that the student missed. This involves AMC/AIME
    tests that I give as homework.
  2. Then we do a little bit lecturing/introduction of the current week’s topic.
  3. The rest of the session is mostly problem solving.

Then I give a follow up problem set as homework, which involves questions related to current topic along with miscellaneous questions and proof writing practices. Here I attach two sample problem sets: [sample_PS1] and [sample_PS2]. In addition we might follow a book, but that I decide later after I meet with the student.

Due to pandemic, I only do online tutoring over Zoom. Moreover I require my students to have a tablet that they can write on (like iPad with Apple Pencil, or Microsoft Surface with Stylus Pen) because we work together on problems on the live sessions.


Apart from tutoring, I occasionally work with instutitions. Here are some of my past experiences:

  • Lead Instructor at UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle (ORMC)

    In 21-22 school year I will be teaching the Olympiads Group in ORMC.

  • Instructor at Star League, INC
  • I am working with Star League occasionally. As a lecturer I taught math olympiad course in AIME level and prepared course curriculum.

    • AIME Problem Solving, 6-day intensive interactive Winter Camp (20F)
    • Prepared AIME Advanced material for 3-week Summer Camp. The material consist of 15-days of
      lectures and problem sets under 4 main topics: Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry and Number Theory.

  • Assistant Instructor at ULCA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle (ORMC)

    In 18F, 19W and 19S, I was Assistant Instructor in Advanced level (8-9 grades).

  • Teaching Assistant at Turkish National Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp

    The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) organizes 2-4 weeks National Mathematical Olympiad Training camps for top 50 high school students twice a year. I participated 9 of these camps as a student. After graduation from high school, I was teaching assistant in 2015 winter camp and 2014 summer camp. As teaching assistant, I assisted the main instructor, held discussion sections approximately 25 advanced high school students, and tutored participating students in and after discussion sections. Lectured on a variety of mathematical fields, including Number Theory, Combinatorics, Elementary Geometry, Analysis and Algebra. Presented problems from earlier years’ math olympiads competitions.