Osman Akar

        Graduate Student at UCLA Mathematics Department

        Here is my CV and one page resume.


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics at UCLA. 2019-Present

    • Physics and PDE based simulations for computer graphics
    • Computational Linear Algebra

  • MA in Mathematics at UCLA. 2016-19

    • Mathematics Departmental Scholar

  • BS in Mathematics of Computation at UCLA. 2015-19

    Research Experience

  • Research Intern at UCLA IPAM RIPS GumGum Team. Here is resulting paper: [arXiv] or [springer], and poster (18 Summer).

    • Worked on a research team that build automated video augmentation pipeline that identifies crowd regions in sport videos and overlays an advertisement onto these regions, so that the advertisement looks aesthetic and natural for human perspective. This video link is an example of the final product.
    • More explicitly, the automated video augmentation pipeline is able to
      • identify non-homogeneous textures (i.e., crowd regions in sports stadium imagery),
      • overlay a rectangular image asset on said region,
      • and constrain the asset to be placed in a perspective correct way for an overall enhanced user experience.
    • Designed and implemented an algorithm to visualize RGB-Depth image frame in 3D. Implemented Random Sample Consensus Algorithm in this 3D-reconstruction to detect planes to overlay advertisement onto the image in 2D.
    • Developed a novel metric on video frames for the evaluation of the PSPNet crowd segmentation algorithm.

  • Undergraduate Researcher at Computational and Applied Mathematics REU. Here is resulting paper preprint [arXiv] (17 Summer).

    • Worked on a research team that applied image processing techniques to extract non-content-based features from LAPD body-worn-camera video recordings and used machine learning to classify the recordings into categories.
    • Created color-based feature and its metric system for video frames and implemented in the ML Algorithm.
    • Modified the old machine learning model to accept the new dataset of LAPD videos. Experimented with tuning hyperparameters and reduced the error by 50 percent.

    Teaching Experience

See teaching and tutoring pages.

    List of Awards

  • As an undergraduate

  • As a high schooler

    • Gold Medal at International Mathematical Olympiad, 2014, Cape Town, South Africa
    • Special Prize at European Union Contest for Young Scientist, 2014, Warsaw, Poland
    • Gold Medal with perfect score at Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, 2014, Plevne, Bulgaria
    • Silver Medal at International Mathematical Olympiad, 2013, Santa Marta, Colombia
    • First Prize at Turkish National Science Fair, 2014, Ankara, Turkey
    • 3 gold and 2 bronze medals at Turkish National Mathematical Olympiads, 2009-2014