Osman Akar

        Graduate Student at UCLA Mathematics Department


With my

I am a third year PhD student of applied mathematics at UCLA working under the supervision of Prof. Joseph Teran. My research interests are computational linear algebra, machine learning, and physics/PDE based simulation for computer graphics. I graduated with BS in Mathematics of Computation and MA in Mathematics from UCLA in 2019 under Departmental Scholars Program. I was Math Undergraduate Merit Scholarship recipient between 2015-2019 and gold medalist in 55th International Mathematical Olympiad in 2014.

Here is my CV and one page resume.

Research and News

5/22: This Summer 22, I will join Epic Games as a physics programming intern. I will work on implementing ml for level set representations of objects in simulated world.

5/22: I passed my ATC.

2/21-5/22: Deep Gradient Correction Method I am working on a project that accelerates iterative linear system solvers with a deep convolutional neural network. More precisely, we are building a model that predicts search directions in conjugate gradients algorithm, which originally uses krylov vectors. Here is the poster from Citadel PhD Summit research presentation.

Current Teaching (22 Spring)

Math Olympiad Tutoring

I also do competitive math tutoring/mentoring for AMC/AIME/USAMO preperation. See tutoring page for more info.