Osman Akar

Graduate Student at UCLA Mathematics Department


I am a first year PhD student of applied mathematics at University of California, Los Angeles. I graduated with MA in Mathematics and BS in Mathematics of Computation from UCLA in 2019. I am also an IMO Gold Medalist in the 55th International Mathematical Olympiad in 2014.

Here is my detailed CV.

Current Teaching: Math 170E-3

  1. Introduction to Probability and Statistics 1: Probability
  2. Instructor: Prof. Swee Hong Chan
  3. Time and Place for Discussion Section: MS 5127 at Th 2-3pm
  4. email: oak@math.ucla.edu
  5. Office Hours and Place: Tue 10:30-11:30 and Thu 3-4 or by appointment at MS 3919
  6. Discussion Notes
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Math Olympiad Tutoring

I have been in Math Olympiad environment since sixth grade as a student and mentor. As a student I won gold medal at IMO and numerous other awards in national and international levels. As a mentor I have been teaching competitive math in various levels since high school. If you want mentoring and private tutoring for your child you can contact me via email. You can refer to my CV or LinkedIn profile for my previous experiences.