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Math 3B: Calculus for life sciences students

Warning: This is the website for an old course

This is the course website for Math 3B: Calculus for Life Scinces Students running in Fall 2016. All information about homework, quizes and exams will be posted here.

The syllabus contains information on the official policies for collaboration on homework, late homework, grading and changing grades.

We will be using Piazza for this class. See below for more information.

Instructor, TAs and office hours

Instructor: Noah White (
Office hours: MS 6304, Monday 3-4:30pm, Thursday 9-10:30am.
TA: Kyung Ha (
Office hours: MS 6943, Wednesday 4-5pm
  Robbie Housden (
  MS 3915B, Tuesday 3-4pm
  Dustan Levenstein (
  MS 3965, Thursday 3-4pm

Please check back here as office hours and locations may change.


S. J. Schreiber, Calculus for the Life Sciences, Wiley

This is the official textbook for the class and I will be following the material closely. We will not be using WileyPlus so feel free to buy a used copy. A discounted copy of the book (with online access) can be purchased by students, directly from Wiley. Owning a copy of the textbook will be very helpful. I will post links to other sources here as time goes on.

Notes on partial fractions

Problem sets, homework and quizzes

There will be a problem set assigned every week. Most of these will not be collected however it is strongly recommended that you complete it.

Every second week (as indicated in the class schedule below) a small number (typically two) questions from the problem set will be assigned as homework and collected and graded. There will be five homework assignments.

In weeks where no homework is collected a short quiz will be conducted in the discussion sessions. Questions on the quiz will be drawn from the problem set (or will be very similar to one of these questions). The lowest 2 scores out of all homeworks and quizzes will be dropped. The homework and quizzes will count for a total of 15% of your grade.

Lecture notes

Here you will find links to the lecture notes and slides as they become available. They represent more of less what we covered in lectures but not exactly, depending on how many questions I got and if we ran out of time.


There will be two midterms and a final exam.

Cheatsheets: For each exam, students may bring a cheat sheet. Each student must prepare their own handwritten cheat sheet. For the midterms, the cheat sheet may consist of one side of half a standard (A4 or letter) sheet of paper (i.e. A5 or letter folded in half lengthways). For the final, the cheat sheet may consist of one side of a standard sheet of paper. Cheatsheets that do not meet these requirements will be confiscated at the beginning of the exam.

Calculators: You may use a non-programmable, non-graphing calculator in exams. Calculators not meeting this specification will be confiscated.

Study: Here are some rough study guides and a practice exam which might aid your study.


This is a tentative schedule. Apart from the dates of exams, it may change. Numbers refer to sections of the textbook.

Dates Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
0 9/19-23 No classes Intro/4.1
1 9/26-30 4.1 Quiz 1 4.2 Quiz 1 4.3-4.4
2 10/3-7 Review 5.1 HW 1 due/5.2
3 10/10-14 5.2 (cont.) Quiz 2 5.3 Quiz 2 Review
4 10/17-21 Midterm 1 5.4 HW 2 due/5.5
5 10/24-28 5.6 Quiz 3 5.6 (cont.) Quiz 3 5.8
6 10/31-11/4 Review 6.1 HW 3 due/6.2
7 11/7-11 6.2 (cont.) Quiz 4 6.3 Quiz 4 Vet’s day
8 11/14-18 6.4 6.4-6.5 HW 4 due/6.5
9 11/21-25 Midterm 2 6.6 Thanksgiving
10 11/28-12/2 Review HW 5 due/Review


Piazza is a question and answer style forum which we will be using for this class. If you visit CCLE you will find a link which will allow you to register for a piazza account.

You can ask questions, either as yourself or anonymously. I highly encourage you to also try answering others’ questions. Teaching others is by far the most effective way to learn and solidify what you already know. The TAs and I will monitor the discussion and answer questions occasionally.

Obviously homework questions and solutions should not be posted on Piazza. Offences will be treated as academic dishonesty/cheating.

News and Updates

Regular updates will be posted here to notify you of upcoming homework, exams, quizzes or anything else!

10.21.2016 Problem set 5 is now available. Quiz 3 will be drawn from these questions. I encourage you to make up your own practice problems as well. This wee it is particularly easy.
  Your midterm grades are now online.
10.16.2016 Problem set 4 is now available and the second homework is due on Friday 10.21.
10.12.2016 The first midterm will be held this coming Monday. Please indication on Piazza what you would like to see reviewed in the lecture on Friday.
10.10.2016 Quiz 2 will be happening this week. Look at the first three problems on Problem Set 3.
09.25.2016 Quiz 1 will be happening this week in discussion sections. Have a look at the graphing problems on the problem set.
  There was a mistake in problem set 1, q8, which has been rectified.
  Remember to sign up for Piazza!
09.22.2016 Discussion sections 2B, 2D, and 2F will be running today!
09.21.2016 Welcome to Math 3B: Calculus for Life Sciences Students! I look forward to meeting you all this Friday.