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Math 229B: Lie groups and Lie algebras

Warning: This is the website for an old course

This is the course website for Math 229B: Lie groups and Lie algebras running in Winter 2020. Please note everything on this page is provisional until the start of the quarter. All information about homework, quizes and exams will be posted here.

The syllabus contains information on the official policies for collaboration on homework, late homework, grading and changing grades.

Instructor, TAs and office hours

Instructor: Noah White (
Office hours: MS 6304, 10-11am Monday, Friday and 1-2pm Wednesday

Please check back here as office hours and locations may change.


Below you will find a collection of books that you might find helpful.


The course will consist of two projects detailed below.

Example document

All students (or groups of students) will be assigned a Lie algebra. Over the course of the quarter, you will be tasked with calculating and writing up examples relating to this Lie algebra. These tasks will be given in lectures.


At the end of the quarter you will be required to present a written report and make a short talk about a topic mutually agreed upon by you and the instructor. In week 4 a list of possible topics will be made available here.


I will publish any lectures notes here.


Grading will be based on the two assigned tasks each contributing 50% of your grade.