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Welcome to Niccolo' Ronchetti's webpage.

Hi all! I am a Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCLA.

Previously, I was a graduate student at Stanford University, where I completed my PhD in 2017 under the guidance of Akshay Venkatesh. My interests lie broadly speaking in algebraic number theory and representation theory. My work has mostly focused on arithmetic questions related to representation of p-adic groups, and I am particularly interested in Langlands program, especially the mod p and p-adic perspectives.

I took my Laurea Triennale in Bologna (Italy) in 2010 with the supervision of Rita Fioresi and my Laurea Magistrale in Roma (Italy) in 2012 with the supervision of Corrado De Concini.

On this webpage you will find some notes I wrote for various talks, some teaching material and my publications. You can also find links I consider worth mentioning, related (or not) to mathematics.

Feel free to contact me at niccronc [at] m a t h . u c l a . e d u. If you read my notes or papers and find typos/mistakes, please let me know!


Local Base Change via Tate Cohomology Published in Representation Theory - an electronic journal of the AMS

Epipelagic Langlands parameters and L-packets for unitary groups with Tony Feng and Cheng-Chiang Tsai

A Satake homomorphism for the mod p derived Hecke algebra (submitted)

On the cohomology of integral p-adic unipotent radicals (submitted)

Derived Hecke action at p and the ordinary Hida tower with Chandrashekhar Khare (preliminary version)

Notes and stuff

My bachelor thesis (Laurea Triennale in Matematica) - July 2010 - Il Diamond Lemma e il teorema di Poincare'- Birkhoff-Witt sugli anelli (in Italian)

My master thesis (Laurea Magistrale in Matematica) - July 2012 - Rappresentazioni Automorfe di GL(2) (in Italian)

Unofficial lecture notes from Brian Conrad's 210C class at Stanford in Spring 2013

Slides for the June 4, 2020 talk on my work with Shekhar Khare Derived diamond operators on the ordinary Hida's tower


UCLA courses

In Fall 2017, I was teaching Math1: Precalculus.

In Winter 2018, I was teaching Math31B.

In Spring 2018, I was teaching Math33B.

In Fall 2018, I was teaching Math 33A.

In Winter 20189, I was teaching Math 205B.

In Spring 2019, I was teaching Math 115A.

In Summer 2019, I was teaching Math 1 and Math 115A.

In Fall 2019, I was teaching Math 1 and Math 33A.

In Winter 2020, I was teaching Math 33AH and Math 110BH.


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