General Information for Math 199 Spring 2021

About Math 199

A Math 199 Course provides students with Junior and Senior standing the opportunity to do get involved in research for course credits, either 2 or 4. Freshman and Sophomore students may also be eligible for a Math 99 research course (and sometimes even Math 199).

Due to various constraints on my time, I cannot guarantee this course will be run, but right now the odds are somewhere around 80 or 90% that this is going to happen.

Course Focus

Right now, the focus is TBD. Some possible topics (just a few I'm thinking about) include developing mathematical models for the etiology of neurodegenerative diseases, investigating and modeling techniques to indirectly estimate rates of homelessness, and developing algorithms for anomaly detection.


The meetings will take place over Zoom. Unfortunately not all time zones will be supported: all meetings will be set for Pacific Time and asynchronous attendance will not be allowed.


To be involved in a Math 199 requires a basic level of mathematical and programming competence: knowledge of linear algebra and multivariable/vector calculus is an absolute must as is knowledge of at least one programming language. Beyond this, skills in math modelling, numerical analysis, differential equations, machine learning, etc., are valuable assets but not requirements. Naturally, some instruction in these subjects will be given throughout the course as required (a lot of learning will be done on-the-fly as the need arises).

No prior research experience is required. To be successful in a Math 199/99 (and to be accepted based on departmental regulations), a strong GPA is required. Students enrolled will need to attend regular group meetings, work collaboratively, be highly responsive to group communication and tasks, and be committed to producing results each week. The time commitment is at least 6 hours per week for 2 credits and at least 12 hours per week for 4 credits.

How to Apply

Send me the application materials outlined below by email by Friday, March 19, at 5 pm. Use the email subject line: "Math 199/99 Spring 2021 -- [YOUR NAME]". In the email, include:

Please note that my time is limited and the class size will be small (usually 1-4 students). Thus, an application is not an acceptance. I will make every effort to notify applicants by Thursday, March 25.