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Algebraic Topology at UCLA

Graduate Students

Our research group also has 3 graduate students:

Community Engagement


I am a co-founder for Spectra: the association for LGBTQ+ mathematicians. We host conferences, panels at the JMM and other national meetings, and social events. We also work to make math more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people, allowing them to bring their whole selves to their mathematical lives.

Trans Inclusive Naming Policies

I am a member of a working group focusing on pushing publishers across disciplines to adopt more trans inclusive naming policies.

Service to the Profession

American Mathematical Society

Human Rights Committee

I serve on the Human Rights Committee for the AMS, working to help the AMS keep abreast with human rights concerns around the globe.

About Me

Editorial Positions

I am an editor for La Mathematica, a general interest journal overseen by the Association for Women in Mathematics, and I am excited to see more algebraic topology and homotopy theory represented therein.

I am an editor for Tunisian Journal of Mathematics, a general interest journal. I am excited to see more homotopy theory here too!