Michael Willis

Mailing address:
UCLA Mathematics Department
University of California Los Angeles
P.O. Box 951555
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555

Office: Math Sciences building, Room 5352

Email: mike.willis@math.ucla.edu

About me:

I am a postdoc at UCLA, working under the supervision of Sucharit Sarkar.

I am interested in geometric topology, quantum topology, knot theory, and categorification. A lot of my work has centered around Khovanov homology and various limiting processes associated to infinite braids, especially the infinite full twist. See the Research page for more.

I also enjoy teaching, and I'm currently typing up some course notes I've written for an undergraduate differential geometry course I've taught a few times now. Once complete, I will upload them here.

Outside of mathematics, my main interest is in music. I've written, played, and recorded music both as a solo artist (Soundcloud has the tracks backwards; listen from the bottom upwards if you're interested in the original ordering of the album) and as a member of several bands.