Mathematics 115AH

background Information background
  Professor:   Alexander Merkurjev
  Office:   MS 7917
  Office Hours:   M 3-4, W 11 - 12, F 1-2 or by appointment
  TA:   Joseph Breen: Discussion Section TR 2 in MS 6627
  Book:   Friedberg, Linear Algebra (4th) Custom UCLA Edition
  Material:   This is an introductory course in theoretical abstract algebra.
  Exams:   Two Midterms and Final: 
Midterm 1: Friday, April 27 
Midterm 2: Friday, May 25 
Final: Thursday, June 14, 2018, 3:00pm-6:00pm 
No makeup exams
  Homework:   Assigned on Monday and due Thursday next week. 
Homework is returned in Discussion Section. 
To learn the material you must do homework.
  Lecture:   This course is an honors introductory course in abstract Linear Algebra. The goal of the course is to study vector spaces, linear transformations and inner product spaces. The emphasis of the class is on learning (on the material of linear algebra) how to understand mathematical concepts and how to prove rigorous mathematical statements.
  Quiz Section:   The TA will go over material done in lecture, homework, and additional related material.
  Grading:   final (50%) + two midterms (15% + 15%) + homework (20%)