Present address:                  1635 N. Martel Ave.  #308                      Phone: (323) 876 30 91
                                                Los Angeles, CA  90046

Career History:          Position                                                          Organization

1998-present          Visiting Scholar                                University of California, Los Angeles

1997-1998                  Professor                                           Kiev State University

1996-1998             Consultant                                           Institute of Judaic Studies, Kiev

1995-1998           Chief Scientist                                       Institute of Psychology, Kiev

1993-1998             Professor                                      International Solomon University, Kiev

1996-1997            Professor                            Institute of Content and Methodology of Education, Kiev

1990-1992          Leading Scientist                                  Department of Artificial Intelligence,
                                                                                         Institute of System Technology, Kiev

1990-1993            Consultant                                          Research Center "Ecology", Kiev

1985-1990            Senior Scientist                                    Institute of Pedagogy, Kiev


           Academician of the:

New York Academy of Sciences

Academy of Information Sciences of Ukraine

Aerospace Academy of Ukraine

International Academy of Original Ideas

International Academy of Man in Aerospace Systems

         Honorary Professor of the:                                    Aerospace Academy of Ukraine

1998- present           Member of the Editorial Board of the international journal

            Member of the:

              1992 -1998           Academic Board of the Research Center of Science,
                                             National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

             1991-1998            Scientific Counsel of the Institute of Philosophy,
                                          National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

             1997 -1998           Scientific Counsel of the Research Center of Science,
                                             National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

             1990-1994            Scientific Counsel of the Institute of Applied Information Sciences,
                                             National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

Professional Societies:

American Philosophical Association

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Philosophical Society of Ukraine

European Association for Logic, Language & Information (FoLLI)

International Association for Foundations of Sciences, Language & Cognition

Psychological Society of Ukraine

Pedagogical Society of Ukraine

Planetary Society

Society for Computer Simulation International

International Association of Artificial Intelligence

International Association for Fuzzy-Set Management & Economics  (SIGEF)


             1989      D. Sc.            Logic & Philosophy       Institute of Philosophy,
                                                                                     National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

             1971      Ph.D.                 Mathematics               Moscow University

             1968      BS and MS       Mathematics              Moscow University,
                                                                             School of Mechanics and Mathematics

Publications :

      More than 700 published scientific works in the following fields :

philosophy and methodology of science                             information sciences

 logic and foundations                                  psychology and pedagogical sciences

analysis of Holy Scriptures                                        cognitive aspects of religion

Additional Biographic Information available:

 WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD            (1999, 16th edition;   1992/1993, 11th edition)

Outstanding People of the 20th Century   (1999, 1st edition)

 Dictionary of International Biography     (1995, 23rd edition)

 Men of Achievement                                 (1996, 16th edition)