in Psychology
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 Not books or other publications are the most important for science but discoveries and, even more, theories.

  1. Theory of Intellectual Activity  *

            cf. 1. Intellectual Components of Creativity,   Kiev, 1997   (in Ukrainian)

                 2. Intellectual Activity as a Psychological Base of New Ideas Creation, DANI, 1996, pp. 14-15    (in Ukrainian)

                 3. Static and Dynamic Approach to Person's Intellect, Ukrainian Psychology: Modern Potential, Kiev, 1996, pp. 154-159   (in Ukrainian)
                                                                                                                            and others

  2. Theory of Personality

   cf. 1. Methodological level of the practical problems in pedagogy,  Philosophical and Sociological Thought, 1989, N4, pp. 3-12         (in Russian, in Ukrainian, in collaboration)

        2. Teachers personality formation, Herson, 1990   (in Russian, in collaboration)

        3. Communication and intercourse in teachers professional activity,Daugavpils, 1993    (in Russian, in collaboration)

      4. Structural peculiarities of psychoanalysis, Visnik of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1994, N2 pp.          (in Ukrainian)

     5. Extensional Model of Personality, Ananyev Readings, S.-Petersburg, 1997 pp.          (in Russian)

                                                                                                            and others