Math 290J: current literature in applied mathematics, in conjunction with IPAM and LONI, CCB. Topics: variational models, image analysis, medical imaging
Meeting times: Mondays 2-3pm
Location: MS 6221

Schedule of talks:
  • Mario Micheli, visiting graduate student from Brown University, Wednesday 3-4pm (MS 6229)
  • Vincent Duval, visiting graduate student from ENS Cachan, France
  • Earnie Esser: will talk about the paper by Daubechies, Defrise, and De Mol with an introduction on l1 minimizations, sparsity, compressive sensing
  • Earnie Esser: continuation
  • Talk by visiting graduate student: Noha Y El-Zehiry (Louisville University) on "A Novel Graph Cut Based Active Contour for Image Segmentation" (note different time: Friday Feb. 29, 4-5pm, in MS 5148)
  • Talk by Tungyou Lin on image registration by variational methods (Monday, March 3rd, usual time)
  • Talk by P. Guidotti (visiting from UCI) on "New Nonlinear Nonlocal Diffusions for Noise Reduction" (note different time: March 5, time 4pm, in MS 6229)
  • March 10: no meeting due to IPAM program
  • March 17: Pascal Getreuer, multiresolution methods and image zooming.