Math 290j/2, Winter 2007 and CCB SIG-PDE
Current literature in applied mathematics
Topics: variational methods and partial differential equations for image analysis, including medical imaging. Statistical or wavelets methods are also welcome.


Thursday, January 18, 11am-12pm: We talked about the paper
  • Snakes, shapes, and gradient vector flow, by Xu CY, Prince JL, from IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING 7 (3): 359-369 MAR 1998.

    Thursday, January 25, 11am - 12pm: We will continue with the same topic, by reading and presenting the papers:
  • NGVF: An improved external force field for active contour model, Ning JF, Wu CK, Liu SG, Yang SQ, PATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS 28 (1): 58-63 JAN 1 2007 Paper
  • Interpolating orientation fields: An axiomatic approach , Chessel A, Cao F, Fablet R, COMPUTER VISION - ECCV 2006, PT 4, PROCEEDINGS LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE 3954: 241-254, Part 4 2006 Paper
    These two papers are related and based on the paper presented last year by Toungyou Lin:
  • An axiomatic approach to image interpolation, Caselles V, Morel JM, Sbert C, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING 7 (3): 376-386 MAR 1998 Paper

    Week of January 29: there will be no meeting this week

    Week of February 5: meeting on Wednesday, 4pm, talk by visitor Gary Hewer from China Lake, on Double Density Complex Wavelet Based Image Cartoon-Texture Decomposition

    Week of February 12: meeting on Friday, February 16, talk by Jan Modersitzki on Numerical Methods for Image Registration

    Week of February 19: meeting on Thursday, February 22, 10am-11pm, with talk in LONI/CCB by Daniel Rueckert, on Quantification of Growth and Motion Using Non-rigid Registration

    Week of February 19: meeting on Thursday, February 22, 11am-12pm, with talk in LONI/CCB by Talk by James Gee on Geodesic Image Normalization in the Space of Diffeomorphisms

    Future speakers: Jason Chung (graduate student), Todd Wittman (PIC instructor), Ilaria Dorigati (international student), and by the other students registered to the class.

    Suggested reading:
  • Notes and papers from a course of David Mumford on shapes, matching, registration for medical imaging
  • Another link to David Mumford's course web page on shapes, matching, registration
  • Papers and 285J course webpage at UCLA on variational methods for image analysis and computer vision