Spring 2006
Section 2: Current Literature in Applied Mathematics

Instructor: Luminita Vese
Office: MS 7620-D.

In this weekly seminar, graduate students read and present papers from current literature in applied mathematics.

Topics are (but not limited to): variational models (energy minimization), non-linear partial differential equations (elliptic and parabolic), functions of bounded variation, inverse problems, image analysis (including medical imaging), free boundary problems, curve evolution. Additional topics such as wavelets and Besov spaces, statistical methods and stochastic differential equations could be discussed as well.

Meeting times and locations: Thursdays 12-1pm (in MS 5203).

Each enrolled student giving 1-2h presentation will receive credit.

Interested students should contact Luminita Vese.

Schedule this quarter:
Tentative list of speakers for this quarter are: Linh Lieu, Jason Chung, Bin Dong, Yifei Lou, Alejandro Cantarero, Tungyou Lin, Tristan Roy (tentative), and Triet Le.

April 20:
April 27:
May 4:
May 11:
May 18:
May 25: (there may be no meeting this week)
June 1:
June 8: