Hao Li

Office IPAM 1129D
Office Hours Tue 1-2, Thu 1-2, Wed 4-5, and by appointment. I will hold office hours in the PIC Lab.
E-Mail lihao0809 at math .ucla .edu

  • Hao Li, Kevin Miller, Bamdad Hosseini, Andrew M. Stuart, and Andrea Bertozzi, Posterior Consistency of Semi-Supervised Regression on Graphs, in preparation, 2019.
  • Baichuan Yuan, Hao Li, Andrea Bertozzi, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, and Mason Porter, Multivariate Spatiotemporal Hawkes Processes and Network Reconstruction, SIAM J. Mathematics of Data Science, 1(2), pp. 356-382, 2019; ArXiv preprint version.
  • Y. Qiao, C. Shi, C. Wang, H. Li, M. Haberland, X. Luo, A. M. Stuart, and A. L. Bertozzi, Uncertainty Quantification for Semi-supervised Multi-class Classification in Image Processing and Ego-Motion Analysis of Body-Worn Videos, IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging 2019: Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems XVII proceedings, Burlingame, CA.
  • Travis R. Meyer, D. Balagué, M. Camacho-Collados, Hao Li, Katie Khuu, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, and Andrea L. Bertozzi, A year in Madrid as described through the analysis of geotagged Twitter data, to appear in Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 2018.
  • Honglin Chen, Hao Li, Alexander Song, Matt Haberland, Osman Akar, Adam Dhillon, Tiankuang Zhou, Andrea L. Bertozzi, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Semi-Supervised First-Person Activity Recognition in Body-Worn Video, submitted, arXiv:1904.09062, 2019
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    • Spring 2019: PIC 16. Python.
    • Spring 2017: PIC 16. Python
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    • Fall 2016: PIC 10B. C++ programming
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