§2 Spring 2021
Homework assignments may be regarded as Friday to Friday but, all things considered, there will be leeway. Assignments are accessed through the homework page.
Homework does not count too much per se but problems (directly) from the hw will appear on the exams. Note: Due to scheduling and various other difficulties, there may be instances where hw problems which have not yet been graded will appear on exams. And furthermore (again due to constraints) problems will in general only be graded lightly; full credit on a hw problem -- which is often enough just the acknowledgement that the problem has been attempted -- does not always imply that the same answer is full credit in the context of an exam. In light of all the above: No solution sets will be posted.
The first midterm will take place on Friday April 23rd (by remote).
The exam will not be too difficult, many grades in the high 90's+ are anticipated. It should take about an hour. And it counts for alot. But in any case, a great job on the first midterm by no means ensures a good grade in the course. Conversely a poor showing can be compensated by redoubling your efforts for the remainder of the course. In short, the First Midterm may be regarded as a stage progress / early warning system.
The second midterm will take place on Friday May 21st (by remote).
The exam will be somewhat more challenging than the first. It should take, maybe, a little over an hour. Great opportunity for those who have fallen behind the pack to catch up since fewer very high scores are anticipated.
The Final will occur on Sunday June 6th (by remote).
Although the final will indeed be comprehensive, there will be heavier emphasis on the material presented after the Second Midterm. This exam should take about three hours.
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