About me

I am a second year PhD student studying analysis. Before UCLA, I completed my undergraduate at UC Berkeley, where I studied math and STEM education. I am supported by the Cota-Robles Fellowship. My pronouns are she/her.

Email: kateanderson (at) ucla (dot) edu
Office: 5351-6 MS


Here is my CV.


To be determined! My current interests lie mainly in functional analysis and operator algebras.


Past Teaching

Spring 2021

  • Math 61, Discrete Math (with instructor Nick Ramsey)
    • Discussions TR 11am-12pm
    • Office Hours: TBD
  • Math 33B, Differential Equations (with instructor Koffi Enakoutsa).
    • Discussions TR 1-2pm
    • Office Hours: TBD
  • Open Office Hour: TBD This office hour is open to all UCLA Students in a math class prerequisite to and including 33A (i.e., the 3, 31 and 32 series).
All discussions and office hours will take place over Zoom, and links to Zoom meetings are available on CCLE (click "TA Site" next to my name on our course page.)

Student Resources

Being a college student can be challenging. Here are some Student Resources that may be helpful.


Outside of math, I spend a lot of time hiking, backpacking, and birdwatching. During the Fall of 2018, I accomplished my longtime dream of hiking the 211-mile John Muir Trail/ Nüümü Poyo through the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. After finishing the trail, I spent a gap year in Seattle with my partner Alex.

You can see pictures of some of those adventures here.

I currently serve on the Division of Physical Sciences EDI Student Advisory Board. I'm always happy to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusivity-related issues, including being a woman in math.