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Welcome! I am currently a fourth year Ph.D. student in the department of mathematics at UCLA working under the advisement of Ko Honda. I graduated with a B.A. in mathematics from Northwestern University in 2016. My research interests are in contact and symplectic geometry.

Here is a copy of my CV: (pdf)

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Math 32B: Calculus of Several Variables (Spring 2020)

YouTube channel: Joe Breen Math. This will be the (likely) hub for recorded discussion sections, review sessions, and other pre-recorded 32B video content I make.
Discussion section info: Video content from the discussions will be posted on my YouTube channel afterwards; this may be from recorded snippets of the live sections, or rerecordings of examples after the fact. Anyone is welcome to watch! I may also post notes from each discussion section here.
Office hours: Office hours will not be recorded. Anyone is welcome to tune in! Ask math questions, lurk in the background if you want, or tune in just to chat in case you're feeling lonely.
SMC: Thursday 11am-12pm. Zoom link: TBD
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YouTube channel: Joe Breen Math. This has some video content for 31B and 32A, including some prerecorded videos about topics as well as recordings of livestreamed final review sessions for both courses.
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