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Joseph Breen



Welcome! I am currently a fifth year Ph.D. student in the department of mathematics at UCLA working under the advisement of Ko Honda. I graduated with a B.A. in mathematics from Northwestern University in 2016. My research interests are in contact and symplectic geometry.

Here is a copy of a (probably old) CV: (pdf)

You can find and contact me at:

Preprints and Publications


In Spring 2021, I am an instructor for Math 115A. We will primarily be using the CCLE webpage.
Course notes: pdf, updated through Lecture 6.
Office hour link: https://ucla.zoom.us/j/95564988610?pwd=cERZZ1g2NGdobkUzYW5SdkxBSXZEQT09.
115A office hours: Anyone can attend these office hours, but the priority rankings are as follows: my 115A students, then other 115A students, then the rest of the world.
Open office hour: Anyone can attend this office hour with equal priority!

Helpful links for courses I am not teaching right now:

YouTube channel: Joe Breen Math. There are many videos about Math 32B on this channel, as well as some for 31B and 32A, including some prerecorded videos about topics as well as recordings of livestreamed final review sessions for all three courses.
Math 32AH:
  • In Fall 2020, I was the instructor for Math 32AH. I wrote a fairly extensive set of notes on what we covered in the course, linked here: Advanced Differential Multivariable Calculus. Currently a work in progress, but it does contain everything we covered in the course.
  • All of my lectures were recorded, and they are available in a private playlist. If you want access to the recordings, just let me know.
Math 31B:
Math 32A:
Math 32B:
In Spring 2020 I was a TA for an online 32B course, and throughout the quarter I made many videos about 32B. Here is a link to the full playlist of videos. They start out low-quality, but as I became a better video editor they improve over time.


Perhaps my main contribution to the world of math is mathematical music. Here is a link to a YouTube playlist of all of the songs I've made so far, which includes songs about the Fourier transfom, knot theory, contact geometry, calculus, and more.