John Zhang
Graduate Student
UCLA Mathematics Department
jmzhang@math.ucla[dot edu]
Office: MS 3903
Spring 2019 Office Hours:
Math 170S: Tues 10-11, Wed 11-12
Stats 102B: Tues 11-1
Currently Teaching: Math 170S, Lecture 1 with Dr. Elizaveta Rebrova and Stats 102 B, Lecture 2 with Dr. Miles Chen.
I am a fifth-year graduate student, studying under Prof. Paul Balmer. I plan to graduate in June 2019. Before I came to UCLA, I studied mathematics at the University of Washington through the Robinson Center.

Research Interests
Affine space over triangulated categories, joint with Paul Balmer, arXiv:1601.02576. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 221(7): 1560-1564, 2017
Affine lines over derivators: Properties, arXiv:1706.06211
Projective spaces over derivators. In preparation.