Jacob Manaker

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Graduate student at UCLA Mathematics Department, probably studying one of the following topics:

I'm firmly on the pure math side of the department, but these sorts of problems usually get applied in the areas of statistical mechanics and mathematical biology, and I do enjoy a good lecture or two on the same.

I'm also a fan of fluid mechanics. If you know a good way to connect that to the research interests above, let me know!

Trying to reach me?

Math Sciences 2954 (Zoom 525-620-2353 for online meetings)
Office Hours:
By appointment or:
MATH 142/MATH 171:
T 3pm+Th 12pm
Other classes/general public/overflow:
F 12pm
Anyone is welcome at any office hour, but students from the corresponding class will get priority.

Recent Papers
Expository Notes

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be Béla Bollobás's Modern Graph Theory.

I am an in-depth account of graph theory, written with the student in mind; I reflect the current state of the subject and emphasize connections with other branches of pure mathematics. Recognizing that graph theory is one of several courses competing for the attention of a student, I contain extensive descriptive passages designed to convey the flavor of the subject and to arouse interest.

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