Jiajun Tong Name in Chinese


Department of Mathematics
University of California, Los Angeles

Contact Information

UCLA Mathematics Department
Box 951555
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555, U.S.A.

Office: MS 6224
Email: MyFirstName at math.ucla.edu

About Me

I am a Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor at Department of Mathematics, UCLA. I am working with Prof. Inwon Kim.

Research Interests: PDEs and applied mathematics, especially fluid-structure interaction problems, evolution free boundary problems, Navier-Stokes equations, liquid crystals, and complex and active fluids.

Here is my CV.

Publications & Preprints

  1. Jiajun Tong, Regularized Stokes Immersed Boundary Problems in Two Dimensions: Well-posedness, Singular Limit, and Error Estimates, arXiv:1904.09528, 2019. Submitted.
  2. Jiajun Tong and Michael J. Shelley, Directed Migration of Microscale Swimmers by an Array of Shaped Obstacles: Modeling and Shape Optimization, SIAM J. Appl. Math. (2018), 78(5), 2370-2392.
  3. Zaihui Gan, Fang-Hua Lin and Jiajun Tong, On the Viscous Camassa-Holm Equations with Fractional Diffusion, arXiv:1709.00774, 2017. Accepted by Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst..
  4. Fang-Hua Lin and Jiajun Tong, Solvability of the Stokes Immersed Boundary Problem in Two Dimensions, Comm. Pure Appl. Math. (2019), 72(1), pp. 159-226.
  5. Megan S. Davies Wykes, Xiao Zhong, Jiajun Tong, Takuji Adachi, Yanpeng Liu, Leif Ristroph, Michael D. Ward, Michael J. Shelley, Jun Zhang. Guiding microscale swimmers using teardrop-shaped posts, Soft Matter (2017), 13, pp. 4681-4688.
  6. Kai Jiang, Jiajun Tong and Pingwen Zhang. Stability of Soft Quasicrystals in a Coupled-Mode Swift-Hohenberg Model for Three-Component Systems. Commun. Comput. Phys. (2016), 19, pp. 559-581.
  7. Kai Jiang, Jiajun Tong, Pingwen Zhang, & An-Chang Shi. Stability of two-dimensional soft quasicrystals in systems with two length scales. Phys. Rev. E (2015), 92(4), 042159.


Fall 2019: I will be teaching MATH 151A Applied Numerical Methods.

For enrollment questions, you are advised to first consult with the math department undergraduate office (MS 6356 / ugrad at math.ucla.edu)

MATH 151A/1 (CCLE access required): MWF 9am / MS 6229.
  • Office hours: 1) TBA; or 2) by email appointment.
  • Course TA: TBA.
  • Discussion section: Th 9am / MS 6229.
  • TA office hours: TBA.

  • Matlab and other computing resources are accessible at PIC lab and at UCLA Library in CLICC or via remote access.
  • Find quick tutorials on Matlab here (by Prof. Chris Anderson at UCLA) or here (by Prof. Andrew E. Yagle).

Winter 2020 (tentative): I will teach MATH 151A Applied Numerical Methods.

Spring 2020 (tentative): I will teach MATH 136 Partial Differential Equations.

Find my past teaching here.

What's Upcoming

  • (12/2019) Invited talk at SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (PD19), Minisyposium: Mathematical aspects of several topics arising from materiel science, La Quinta, CA. link

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