John B. Garnett

Research Area: Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis


A.B, University of Notre Dame, 1962
Ph.D., University of Washington, 1966, Irving Glicksberg, advisor.


1966-68: C. L. E. Moore Instructor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1968-70: Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
1970-74: Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
1974-2018: Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
1978: Visiting Professor, University of Paris
1986: Visiting Professor, ETH Zürich
1990-1992: Graduate Vice-Chair, UCLA Mathematics Department
1994-1997: Chair, UCLA Mathematics Department
2001: Visiting Professor, CRM and University Autonomia, Barcelona
2007-present: Affiliate Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
2018-present: Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Honors and Special Recognition:

Invited Hour Address, American Mathematical Society, 1979
Invited Speaker, AMS Symposium on Harmonic Analysis, 1979
Invited Speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians, 1986
University of California Los Angeles Distinguished Teaching Award, 1989
Americal Mathematical Society Steele Prize for Exposition, 2003

Recent Professional Service:

   American Mathematical Society Committee on Resource Needs for Excellence in Mathematics Instruction, 1992 -1998
   Chair, Department of Mathematics External Review Committee, Brigham Young University, 1996
   National Science Foundation Panel on the creation of the VIGRE Program, 1999
   American Mathematical Society - Mathematical Association of America Committee on Teaching Assistants and Part-time Instructors 1998 -2001
   University of Helsinki Professor Selection Committee, 2000.
   Board of Trustees, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2000 - 2002
   Local Committee, AMS Mathematical Challenges of the 21st Century Summer Meeting, 2000. 
   National Science Foundation Panels, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009.  
   American Mathematical Society Library Committee, 2002-2004.
   American Mathematical Society Steele Prize Committee 2004-2006.
   Department of Mathematics External Reviewer,  Florida International University,  2006.
   Deparment of Mathematics External Review Committee, DePaul Univeristy, 2006.
   External Review Committee, UC Irvine School of Physical Sciences, 2007.
   Board of Directors,  Math. Content Program for Teachers,  2007 - 2009.

Ph.D. Students:
Otto Bekken, Professor, Agder College, Kristiansand, Norway
Kenneth Pietz, Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
Nguyen X. Uy, Professor, Computer Science Department, California State University, Los Angeles
S. Ziskind, Boeing Co., retired
T. Weight, Hughes Aircraft,
Donald Marshall, Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
Robert Latter, Hughes Aircraft, retired
Peter Jones, Professor, Yale University
J. Michael Wilson, Professor, University of Vermont
Anthony Carbery, Colin Maclaurin Professor of Mathematics, U. of Edinburgh
Michael Frazier, Professor, University of Tennessee
Jill Pipher, Professor and Vice President for Research, Brown University,
Philip Hamilton, Hughes Aircraft
Pascal Thomas, Professor, University of Toulouse, France
Michael Papadimitrakis, Professor, University of Crete
Richard Chow, Palo Alto Research Center
Kate Okikiolu, Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Michael O'Neill, Professor, Claremont-McKenna College
Stan Yoshinobu, Professor, Cal. State U. San Luis Obisbo
Sunhi Choi, Associate Professor, University of Arizona
Julia Garabaldi
Jonathan Handy
Brady Newdelman, banking
Jonas Azzam, Lecturer, U. of Edinburgh
William Meyerson, National Security Agency
Angela Wu, Zorn Assistant Professor, Indiana U.



[John B. Garnett]