Math 33A: Linear Algebra and Applications.

Time and place: MWF 9am to 9:50am, Moore 100.

Instructor: Itay Neeman,

Office hours: MWF 10am to 11am in MS 6334. 
Teaching assistants: Sam Miner, Joe Viola, Nan Zhang.

If you need assistance during the course come see me during office hours and I'll help you. Alternatively you can see the TAs, or go to the Student Math Center (MS 3974, open Monday through Thursday 9am to 3pm).

Text: Linear algebra with applications, by Otto Bretscher, 4th edition, with or without solutions manual. We will work with Chapters 1–3 and 5–8. Homework will be assigned from the textbook. Earlier editions of the book may have different exercises and numbering.

Homework will be due each week on Friday during class (except during the week of Thanksgiving, when homework will be due on Wednesday). If for some reason you cannot make it to class then you should hand your homework to your TA before the due date. Late homework will not be accepted under any circumstances. Of the ten homework assignments given during the quarter only your top nine will be used for the final grade. The lowest assignment will be ignored.

Exams: Approximately half of the discussion section meetings will begin with a short (no more than 10 minutes) quiz about homework exercises from previous weeks. There will be midterm exams during class on Friday 16/October and on Friday 6/November. The final exam will be held on Monday 7/December, 3pm to 6pm. There will be no make-up exams or quizzes, so mark the dates and be sure to attend the exams.

Grading: The homework will count for 10% of your final grade, the quizzes will count for 10%, each midterm will count for 20%, and the final exam will count for 40%.

If you must miss a single midterm exam for reasons of personal emergency then your grade will be calculated on the basis of the homework (10%); the quizzes (10%); the midterm exam you took (40%, curved to adjust for statistical variations between the two midterms); and the final exam (40%). But this is not automatic; you have to come and discuss it with me no more than a few days after the exam you miss.