Math 220B, Mathematical Logic and Set Theory.

Instructor: Itay Neeman.
Office: MS 6334.
Phone: 794-5317.
Office hours: MW 3:30 to 4:20pm and by appointment.

Time and Place: MW 4:30 to 5:45pm, in MS 5127.

Text: Lecture notes will be distributed in class.

Grading: The final grade will be based on homework (roughly 40%), and a final exam (roughly 60%). Homework will be due every Friday by the end of the day, preferably submitted as PDF by email.

Homework exercises (all due by the end of the day Friday):

Assignment 1, due Friday January 13: Exercises 4A.1, 4A.2, 4A.3, 4A.4, and 4A.5.

Assignment 2, due Sunday January 22: Exercises 4B.1, 4B.2, and 4B.3.

Assignment 3, due Friday January 27: Exercises 4C.1, 4C.2, 4C.4, 4C.5, and 4C.6.

Assignment 4, due Friday February 3: Exercises 4C.7, 4C.8, and 4C.9, and Problems 5 and 6 in the Fall 2008 Logic Qual.

Assignment 5, due Fridy February 10: Exercises 5A.1, 5A.2, 5A.3, 5A.4, 5A.5, 5A.6, and 5A.7.

Assignment 6, due Friday February 17: Prove that the S-m-n theorem can be strengthened to require also that the function $S^m_n$ is one-one. In addition, answer exercises 5B.2, 5B.3, 5B.4, 5B.5, and 5B.6.

Assignment 7, due Friday February 24: 5B.7, 5B.8, 5B.9, 5B.10, 5C.1, 5C.2, and 5C.3.

Assignment 8, due Friday March 2: 5C.4 (you can assume $T$ extends $Q$), 5D.1, 5D.3, 5D.4, 5D.5, 5D.6, 5D.7.

Assignment 9, due Friday March 9: 5E.2, 5E.4, 5E.6, 5E.8, 5E.9, 5E.10, and 5E.12.

Assignment 10, due Friday March 16: 5H.3, 5H.4, Problems 4 and 8 in the Spring 2011 Logic Qual, and Problem 5 in the Fall 2011 Logic Qual.