Math 115A:  Linear Algebra

Fall 2020


In this course we introduce the basic notions in abstract linear algebra.

Instructor: Ko Honda

  • E-mail: lastname at math dot ucla dot edu 
  • URL:
  • Office hours: M 3-4pm and M 9-10pm on Zoom

TA: Eilon Reisin-Tzur (ereisint at math dot ucla dot edu)

Class Meetings: Every week there will be three hours of lecture as well as two hours of discussion.

  • Lectures:  MWF 11am-noon on Zoom
  • Discussion section:  TuTh 11am-11:50am or 12noon-12:50pm on Zoom

Remote learning/teaching: I plan to provide lecture notes for each lecture and also record the lectures.  If for some reason (i) my internet connection is not working or is cut off or (ii) your connection is cut off, please read the lecture notes and the textbook.  Also, if there are technical difficulties when you're taking a quiz/exam or you have personal difficulties (such as illness) on the day of the quiz/exam, please send me an email and we'll try to make alternate arrangements.  (I realize that the internet connection is not always reliable and some people have less-than-ideal study conditions at home, so I'll try to be flexible.)


  1. Vector spaces
  2. Linear independence and bases
  3. Linear transformations and matrices
  4. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  5. Inner products
  6. Adjoint operators
Textbook: Friedberg, et. al., Linear Algebra, 5th Edition  (Please note that for HW I will use the problem numbering from Friedberg, 4th Edition.)
This class participates in a textbook program called Inclusive Access.  You should be receiving an e-mail from the UCLA Store with instructions on how to access your course content on CCLE.  (The e-mail will be sent to the address on file with the registrar’s office.)  
Everyone enrolled in the course will automatically be granted access to the digital course materials.  Important: If you do not opt out and are still enrolled after ??? you will be billed ???? to your Bruin Bill account.
If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail the UCLA Store at

Prerequisite: Math 33A

REQUIREMENTS:  You are responsible for carefully reading the following and being aware of all the requirements.  Please ask questions about anything you don't understand.
Grading System
  • Weekly HW: 0%
  • Weekly quizzes: 68%
  • Midterm: 16%
  • Final Exam: 16%
Homework: HW assigned each week should be completed before the following Tuesday.  For example, the HW assigned on Fri 10/2 is to be completed before Tues 10/6 and the HW assigned on Mon 10/5, Wed 10/7, and Fri 10/9 is to be completed before Tues 10/13.  See the class schedule.  The HW will not be graded but similar problems will appear on the quizzes.

Gradescope: We will use Gradescope for all quizzes, the midterm exam, and the final exam.  You will have a 24-hour window to complete each quiz or exam on the dates indicated.  The quizzes will have a strict 50-minute time limit from the time you start the quiz.  On the other hand, for the midterm and the final, you have the full 24 hours to complete the test.  For example for Quiz 1 on Tues 10/6, the window is all day Tues 10/6, Pacific Time.

Quizzes: There will be 9 quizzes (more or less one every week).  Each quiz will be based on the HW from the previous week.  For example, Quiz 1 is based on HW from Fri 10/2.  See the class schedule.  We will use Gradescope and you will be allowed 50 minutes from the time you start the quiz - about 30 minutes to do the quiz and another 20 minutes to upload your solutions.    You're allowed to drop one quiz.

Midterm Exam: Wednesday, November 4.  This is intended to be an hour exam that you can take the full 24 hours to finish.

Final Exam: Tuesday, December 15. This is intended to be a 3-hour exam that you can take the full 24 hours to finish.

Academic Integrity
The instructor strongly adheres to the University policies regarding academic integrity violations, and will strictly enforce these rules. You are encouraged to review the UCLA Student Conduct Code.  You're required to provide a handwritten pledge of academic honesty; this is part of Quiz 1.

WARNING:  In view of the current situation, it is quite possible that deviations from the syllabus become necessary.

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