Khang Huynh

Teaching Assistant
UCLA Mathematics Department
Los Angeles, CA, USA 90095-1555
Office 2901 Math Sciences
Office Hours Thu 8-10 AM
E-Mail hmkhang24 at math .ucla .edu
Phone (626) 782-3364

I'm Khang Manh Huynh, a PhD student at UCLA. My advisor is Terence Tao and my interests include PDEs, harmonic analysis, microlocal analysis and Riemannian geometry.

Recent papers
  • Hodge-theoretic analysis on manifolds with boundary, heatable currents, and Onsager's conjecture in fluid dynamics (arxiv preprint)

Research in progress
  • Embedding flows into homogeneous potential wells / NLWs (link)
  • Construction of the Hodge-Neumann heat kernel (link)

  • Summer 2020: Math 115A
  • Spring 2020: Math 131C (Notes)
  • Winter 2020: Math 131BH (Notes)
  • Fall 2019: Math 33B (Notes)
  • Fall 2019: Math 170E DIS 1A (Notes)
  • Spring 2019: Math 133 DIS 1A (Notes)
  • Winter 2019: Math 131A DIS 6A (Notes)
  • Fall 2018: Math 110AH DIS 2A (Notes)
  • Spring 2018: Math 32B DIS 1E/1F (Notes)
  • Winter 2018: Math 32B DIS 1E/1F (Notes)
  • General notes