Hedi Xia



I am currently a third year Ph.D. students in Applied Mathematics at UCLA and I am working under the supervision of Stanley Osher and Andrea Bertozzi. I did my undergraduate in Mathematics at College of Creative Studies, UC Santa Barbara with a minor in Statistical Science in 2015 to 2019.

Research Interest

  • Machine Learning
  • Time Series
  • Graph Neural Networks

Conference & Publications

  • Heavy Ball Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
    • Hedi Xia$^1$, Vai Suliafu$^1$, Tan Minh Nguyen, Hangjie Ji, Andrea Bertozzi, Stanley Osher, and Bao Wang
    • Neural Information Processing Systems, 2021.
    • [OpenReview], [Arxiv], [Github]
  • Kernel Treelets
    • Hedi Xia and Hector D. Ceniceros
    • Advances in Data Science and Adaptive Analysis, 2019. doi:10.1142/S2424922X19500062.
    • [ADSAA], [Arxiv], [Github]


  • How Does Momentum Benefit Deep Neural Networks Architecture Design? A Few Case Studies
    • Bao Wang, Hedi Xia, Tan Nguyen, Stanley Osher
    • [Arxiv]


  • PIC 16A Python with Applications (x2), Spring 2021
  • Math 164 Optimization, Fall 2020
  • Math 142 Mathematical Modeling, Fall 2020
  • Math 142 Mathematical Modeling, Spring 2020
  • PIC 16 Python with Applications, Winter 2020

[1] Cofirst Author