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Harlin Lee (이하린, 李賀麟)

I am a visiting faculty at UCLA Math, mentored by Andrea Bertozzi, Stan Osher, and Jacob Foster.
My research is on learning from data with structures (e.g. graphs/networks, low-dimensional manifold, sparsity) with applications in healthcare and social sciences.
I am fortunate to have been recognized as Rising Stars in Data Science (2022) by U Chicago, Rising Stars in Computational and Data Sciences (2022) by UT Austin, Sandia National Labs, and Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and CMU ECE Outstanding Woman in Engineering (2021).


You can view my CV or reach me at harlin [at] ucla [dot] edu, Github, LinkedIn, or Google Scholar.
When I'm not working, I like to play music, take photos, or play with my cat Puppycat.