Hangjie Ji bio photo

Hangjie Ji

I'm from Hangzhou, China. Currently in Los Angeles, USA. Passionate about mathematics and technology.





  • Spring Quarter 2018 Python with Applications (PIC 16), UCLA

Courses taught:

as an instructor

  • 2017 Autumn Intro to Programming, C++ (PIC 10A), UCLA
  • 2016 Fall Intro Calculus II with Applications (Math 122L), Duke University
  • 2015 Fall Laboratory Calculus and Functions (Math 105L), Duke University
  • 2014 Spring Calculus of Single Variable II (Math 112L), Duke University

as a teaching assistant

  • 2017 Spring Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Math 216), Duke University
  • 2012 Fall Calculus of Single Variable II (Math 122L), Duke University