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Hangjie Ji

I'm from Hangzhou, China. Currently in Los Angeles, USA. Passionate about mathematics and technology.


About Me

I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor for the Program in Computing at UCLA Department of Mathematics working with Professor Andrea Bertozzi. I completed my Ph.D. in Mathematics at Duke University under the guidance of Professor Thomas P. Witelski. I work on nonlinear partial differential equations, scientific computing, and data-driven mathematical modeling.

Here is my complete CV.

Current Teaching at UCLA (Spring 2021)

Recent Research Highlight

  • H. Ji, R. Taranets, M. Chugunova, Qualitative analysis of travelling wave solutions for a model of a liquid film flowing down a fiber, under review in European Journal of Applied Mathematics (2020) [arXiv]
  • H. Ji, C. Falcon, E. Sedighi, A. Sadeghpour, Y. S. Ju, A. L. Bertozzi, Thermally-driven coalescence in thin liquid film flowing down a fiber, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 916, A19 (2021). [Journal]
  • H. Ji, A. Sadeghpour, A. L. Bertozzi, Y. S. Ju, Modeling film flows down a fibre influenced by nozzle geometry, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, volume 901 Rapids, (2020) [Journal] [arXiv]
  • Y. Dukler, H. Ji, C. Falcon, A. L. Bertozzi, Theory for undercompressive shocks in tears of wine. Physical Review Fluids 5, 034002 (2020). [Journal] [arXiv]
  • H. Ji, C. Falcon, A. Sadeghpour, Z. Zeng, Y. S. Ju, A. L. Bertozzi, Dynamics of thin liquid films on vertical cylindrical fibers. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 865 (2019): 303-327. [Journal] [arXiv] [Video]

Recent News

  • [2020.7] I gave a talk on Instability and Dynamics of Volatile Thin Films at the Joint SIAM/CAIMS Annual Meeting
  • [2020.6] I won a Distinguished Teaching Award from Department of Mathematics at UCLA, 2019 - 2020
  • [2020.6] I received an AMS Simons Travel Award, 2020 - 2022
  • [2019.12] I was selected as a Chancellor’s Award nominee for Postdoctoral Research at UCLA, 2019 - 2020
  • [2019.11] I gave a talk on Theory for Undercompressive Shocks in Tears of Wine at the 72nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics
  • [2019.2] I received an AWM-NSF Travel Grant for Women in Mathematical Sciences, 2019