Some random stuff about Greg

Los Angeles to Melbourne

After living in Los Angeles, for many years, I have returned to Melbourne, Australia. I am supported by an Australian Professorial Fellowship while working at the University of Melbourne, where I was an undergraduate. I hope to continue to maintain close links with UCLA, visiting once a year.

Here is a photo of Bindy, who is incredibly shy. This is actually a rare photo, since she has crawled out from hiding for a brief moment.


Here is a picture of Alex, Gulio, and myself, when we one day decided to cycle down to Palos Verdes:


Family stuff

My mother is an artist living in the foothills of Adelaide. She used to be known as a print maker, but has since moved on to installations and sculpture. Dad is a neurologist in East Melbourne. My sister, Larissa, lives not far from dad, and has just gotten a tenure track position in the department of digital design at RMIT. Hjorth is a pretty obscure name, but there is sizeable community of Hjorth's in Melbourne. I have a paternal aunt, uncle, lots of cousins, great aunts, great uncles, second and third cousins, it goes on for ever...I haven't even met most of them... and they are all named Hjorth.

Here is a picture of Dad, with Ameera.


And my sister Larissa.

Apparently I also am distantly related to Lord Byron, who is famous for having said that life is too short for chess --- of course he only lived to the age of 36.


Random quotes

Never resign, apologise, or explain.

If in a dream you say 'I am dreaming', then that is no more true than if in the dream you say 'it is raining.'

No one lies as much as the person who carries the truth on their back.

Perhaps today is a good day to die.

When the moment comes where your advantage justifies an attack, you must attack, or the initiative will pass to your opponent and the opportunity will be gone for good.

Let the person here without sin be the first one to cast the stone.

I don't need a passport. I am champion of the world and I have a cat named Chess.

I have always relied on the kindness of strangers.

Take up the sword again, or take up me.

The question you have to ask yourself is 'Do I feel lucky today?'

No joy can be more perfect for a man than slaying his enemies, raping their women, enslaving their children, and burning their village to the ground.

The voters have spoken. The bastards!

A large mob of people is like a beast. And the beast will not brook hesitation or equivocation. It will respond only to certaintity.

The point of a song is not the end of the song, but you cannot understand the point until you have seen the end. In the same, way the point of a life is not its end, but you must see the end to understand the point.

The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he is a baby

There are two kinds of sacrifices: The correct ones and then there are mine.