Math 223S, Topics in Set Theory

Time and Place: MWF 1-2pm, MS 5137

We will explore sharps and the basic ideas which underpin modern inner model theory. The immediate first objective will be to present a proof of Jensen's covering lemma.

For students who want to get a letter grade, there will be three or four homework assignments; for people who don't wish to do the homeworks, I suggest taking the course on a Pass/No-Pass basis.

Here is a flyer containing some info. Further comments and additions will be posted on this web page.

A quick review of ultrapowers and Los' theorem for anyone who has forgotten it or did not see it in 220abc.

The first homework, due Friday, October 29, at the start of class.

The second homework, due Friday, November 19, at the start of class. This discusses (I am hoping, at the level or review) direct limits of models; we will need these ideas for the covering lemma.

Some brief remarks on HW1, which, by the way, people didn't seem to have much trouble with.

The third homework, due Wednesday, December 1, at the start of class.

Some brief remarks on HW2, the only real issue being a serious and class wide (hence: presumably my fault) confusion about one of the central definitions.