Math 223A

Model theory: Fraisse limits, countably categorical structures, and infinite symmetric groups. 



Click  here for the course handout in pdf format. The meeting schedule has been changed to Ms 12-1 in 6637, 1-2 in 6201, and 1-2 Ws in 6201.

The text is Oligomorphic Permutation Groups, by PJ Cameron, LMS Lecture Note Series, 152, Cambridge, 1990. The text is suggested, but not required; which is just as well, since it is out of print. Extracts are available on reserve in the reading room.




Homework set one. 

The  first homework set discusses atomic models and gives some examples and non-examples.

Homework set two. 

The  second homework set discusses saturated models.

Homework set three. 

The  third homework set discusses homogeneous models and Fraisse's theorem.