Geunho Gim (Aiden)


Study Lists : These notes are based either on final papers in classes or on presentations given in a Participating Number Theory Seminar (PNTS).

(F11) 214A - Bezout Theorem and its Applications
(F11) 225A - Final (Hopf Degree Theorem)
(F11) 205B - Class Field Theory
(F12) 205A - Ostrowski's Theorem
(W13) 205B - Formal Groups over Discrete Valuation Rings
(S13) 205C - some problem from analytic number theory
(F13) PNTS - Galois Cohomology
(W14) PNTS - Etale Cohomology
(S14) 212 - Homological Algebra Lecture Notes
(S14) 212 - Final
(F14) PNTS - The Fundamental Exact Sequence in Iwasawa Theory
(S15) 205C - Deligne's Conjecture on Periods of L-Functions

Teaching Notes : These notes are based on materials in discussion sections.

(S12) 110C - Field Theory Topics     [Course Website]
(F13) 110AH - Group Theory Topics
(W14) 110BH - Ring/Module Theory Topics
(F15) 110AH - Group Theory Topics     [Course Website]
(W16) 110BH - Ring/Module Theory Topics     [Course Website]