Kyle Gannon

Hedrick Adjunct Assistant Professor
UCLA Mathematics Department
Los Angeles, CA, USA 90095-1555
Office 5222 Math Sciences Addition
E-Mail gannon at math .ucla .edu
Phone 310 825 4939
FAX 310 206 6673


Math 285D -- Seminar: Logic

MWF 10am - 10:50pm

Room: 6221 MS

Office hours: TBA


8. An invitation to extension domination, (with Jinhe Ye), [arxiv]

7. Definable convolution and idempotent Keisler measures II, (with Artem Chernikov), submitted [arxiv]

6. Keisler measures in the wild, (with Gabriel Conant and James Hanson), submitted [arxiv]

5. Sequential approximations of types and measures, Fundamenta Mathematicae, [arxiv, doi]

4. Associativity of the Morley product of invariant measures in NIP theories, (with Gabriel Conant), Journal of Symbolic Logic, [arxiv, doi]

3. Definable convolution and idempotent Keisler measures, (with Artem Chernikov), Israel Journal of Mathematics, [arxiv, doi]

2. Remarks on Generic Stability in Independent Theories, (with Gabriel Conant), Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, [arxiv, doi]

1. Local Keisler Measures and NIP Formulas, Journal of Symbolic Logic, [arxiv, doi]


Approximation theorems for Keisler Measures, University of Notre Dame, 2020, [ pdf]

Research Notes

1. Measures and Stability in a Model, [pdf]