A Conference in Honor of Haruzo Hida on His 60th Birthday


p-adic Modular Forms and Arithmetic


18-23 June 2012

University of California at Los Angeles







The aim of the conference is to bring together experts who work on the connection between (p-adic) L-functions, Shimura varieties, and (p-adic) Galois representations to present the current state of the subject. We also will celebrate this way Haruzo Hida's 60th birthday.



Organizers: D. Blasius (UCLA), M. Harris (Jussieu), C. Khare (UCLA), C. Skinner (Princeton), R. Taylor (IAS), J. Tilouine (Paris 13), E. Urban (Jussieu)



This conference is supported by Infosys Science Foundation and NSF grants.






List of Invitees



 §  J. Bellaïche


 §  M. Bhargava


 §  M. Brakocevic


 §  K. Buzzard     


 §  C.-L. Chai


 §  J. Coates


 §  P. Colmez










 §  H. Darmon


 §  S. Dasgupta


 §  M. Emerton


 §  J.-M. Fontaine


 §  E. Ghate


 §  R. Greenberg


 §  B. Howard










 §  A. Iovita


 §  M. Kisin


 §  B. Mazur


 §  W. Niziol


 §  V. Pilloni


 §  K. Prasanna


 §  D. Ramakrishnan




 §  K. Ribet


 §  R. Sharifi


 §  R. Sujatha*


 §  A. Venkatesh


 §  L. Weng


 §  J.-P. Wintenberger


 §  H. Yoshida




*to be confirmed




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