p-adic Modular Forms, L-functions, and Galois representations

University of California, Los Angeles — May 10–12, 2013

The goal of this short conference/workshop is to bring together mathematicians working on the connections between (p-adic) modular forms, L-functions, and Galois representations in order to present and discuss the current state of the subject.


Don Blasius (UCLA), Haruzo Hida (UCLA), Chandrashekhar Khare (UCLA), George Schaeffer (UCLA)


Friday Saturday Sunday
9:10–10:10 Ashay Burungale Bin Zhao (9:20) George Schaeffer
Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea
10:35–11:35 Roymar Sharifi Kai-Wen Lan (10:50) Chandrashekhar Khare
11:40–12:40 Francesc Castella Michael Larsen
Lunch Lunch
2:15–3:15 Preston Wake Simon Marshall
3:20–4:20 Ralph Greenberg Robert Guralnick
Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea
4:50–5:50 Kevin Ventullo David Hansen

Schedule (PDF)

Abstracts (PDF)


All talks will take place in the IPAM lecture hall at UCLA (map).

The conference will begin on the morning of May 10th (Friday) and end at noon on May 12th (Sunday).

Registration and Support

Applications for support are closed (as of March 20th).
However, all participants must register by sending an email to galois07@math.ucla.edu with your name and institutional affiliation.

Past Conferences/Workshops at UCLA

This conference is supported by the Infosys Science Foundation as well as grants from the NSF.