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Papers and Preprints

  1. An Operad of Non-commutative Independences Defined by Trees.
    (with Weihua Liu)
    Preprint written January 2019
    arXiv 1901.09158
  2. An Elementary Approach to Free Entropy Theory for Convex Potentials.
    Preprint submitted May 2018
    arXiv 1805.08814
    Talk Slides--shorter, less technical
    Talk Slides--longer, more technical
  3. Operator-valued Chordal Loewner Chains and Non-Commutative Probability.
    Preprint submitted November 2017, revised November 2018
    arXiv 1711.02611
    Talk Slides
  4. Algebraic Properties of Generalized Graph Laplacians: Resistor Networks, Critical Groups, and Homological Algebra.
    (With Avi Levy, Will Dana, Austin Stromme, Collin Litterell)
    SIAM J. Discrete Math 32-2 (2018), pp. 1040-1110.
    Final Version PDF
    arXiv 1604.07075

Notes on Operator-valued Noncommutative Probability

Operator-Valued Noncommutative Probability. (169 pages)
These notes are a systematic exposition / reference for results on free, boolean, and monotone independence, and they include a few new results as well. I welcome editorial feedback. Last updated November 19, 2018. Some material from these notes has been subsumed into the paper "Operad of Non-commutative Independences."

Miscellaneous Notes