Omprokash Das

My area of research is Algebraic Geometry. I am mainly interested in the Birational Geometry of algebraic varieties, namely, the Minimal Model Program (MMP) and the singularities of the MMP in characteristic 0 and p. I am also interested in the applications of MMP in other related fields, such as, moduli of varieties of higher dimensions, rational connectedness, F-singularities, etc.

 I am currently an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles.

Papers and Preprints

2. On the Adjunction Formula for 3-folds in Characteristic p > 5, arXiv:1505.05903 [math.AG], 2015. Joint with Christopher Hacon. Mathematische Zeitschrift 284 (2016), no. 1-2, 255-269, MR3545494. 

3. The F -Different and a Canonical Bundle Formula, arXiv:1508.07295 [math.AG], 2015. Joint with Karl Schwede. Ann. Sc. Norm. Super. Pisa Cl. Sci. (5) Vol. XVII (2017), 1173-1205. 

4. On the Abundance Problem for 3-folds in Characteristic p > 5, arXiv:1610.03403 [math.AG], 2016. Joint with Joe Waldron. Submitted

5. Appendix A: Contracting the Section of a Weierstrass Threefold, an appendix to the ‘Bridgeland Stability on Blow Ups and Counterexamples’ by Cristian Martinez and Benjamin Schmidt, arXiv:1708.08567 [math.AG], 2017. Submitted

6. Kawamata-Viehweg Vanishing Theorem for del Pezzo surfaces over imperfect fields in characteristic p > 3, arXiv:1709.03237 [math.AG], 2017. Submitted

7.  Nef curves on 3-folds in characteristic p > 5. In preparation

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