Seminar on Crystalline Cohomology, Columbia 2018


This seminar met on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 6:00 in room 622. The seminar was organized by Brian Lawrence and Shizhang Li.

Crystalline cohomology is a p-adic cohomology theory for smooth, proper varieties in characteristic p. Our goal will be to understand the construction and basic properties of crystalline cohomology. Topics will depend on interest but may include the de Rham - Witt complex, rigid comohology or the interaction of Frobenius and the Hodge filtration.


References (more to be added)


Schedule of talks


Date Speaker Title
January 23 Brian Lawrence Introduction
January 30 Shizhang Li Divided Powers and Crystalline Cohomology
February 6 Shizhang Li Crystalline Site, Crystalline Cohomology, de Rham Cohomology
February 13 Yogesh Crystals (Berthelot & Ogus, 6.1-6.10)
February 20 Raymond Cheng Poincaré Lemma (Berthelot & Ogus, 6.12)
February 27 Brian Lawrence Dieudonné-Manin Classification
March 6 David Hansen Bhatt-de Jong (Crystalline - de Rham Comparison)
March 20 Daniel Gulotta Frobenius is an Automorphism
March 27 David Hansen De Rham-Witt Complex
April 10 David Hansen P-adic Hodge Theory and a Comparison Isomorphism
April 17 Yihang Zhu P-Divisible Groups and Grothendieck-Messing I
April 24 Yihang Zhu P-Divisible Groups and Grothendieck-Messing II


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