Archive of Professional Activities


Oberwolfach workshop "Scaling Limits in Models of Statistical Mechanics", September 9-15, 2012.

Banff meeting on Gradient Models and related subjects (May 2011), jointly with R.Kotecky and S.Adams.

Lecturing at Cornell summer school (July 2011) notes

2011 Prague summer school on Mathematical Statistical Physics (August 30-September 9, 2011)

Special Session on Recent Trends in Probability and Related Fields (AMS Regional Meeting at UCLA), October 2010. Here are the slides of talks.

Oberwolfach workshop "Scaling Limits in Models of Statistical Mechanics", August 16-22, 2009.

Session on Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, International Congress of Mathematical Physics, Prague, August 2009.

Oberwolfach miniworkshop "Mathematical Approaches to Collective Phenomena in Large Quantum Systems", 8/31-9/6, 2008.

2007 PCMI school Undergraduate Program (organized by Aaron Bertram and taught jointly with Omer Angel)

Prague Summer School on Mathematical Statistical Mechanics, Prague, Czech Republic, September 10-23, 2006.

Oberwolfach meeting "Spatial Random Processes and Statistical Mechanics," September 3-9, 2006.

Special Session on Probability and Statistical Physics AMS Regional Meeting, San Francisco, April 29-30, 2006.

Catalina summer school "Stochastic Loewner Equation and Applications", Catalina Island, Aug 28-Sept 2, 2005