2013 School on Mathematical Statistical Physics


August 19-30, 2013
Prague, Czech Republic


Organized by

Center for Theoretical Study &
Institute of Theoretical Computer Science
of the Charles University of Prague

with financial support from the ESF-program
Random Geometry of Large Interacting Systems and Statistical Physics (RGLIS)
and a generous gift from the American Institute of Physics



List of participants      Schedule of lectures and talks      Titles & abstracts of participants' talks      Sunday hike

Main lecturers & (tentative) titles  

  Michael Aizenman (Princeton) and Simone Warzel (Munich): Quantum spectra and dynamics under random potential
  Anton Bovier (Bonn): From spin glasses to branching Brownian motion (and back?)   lecture notes
  David Brydges (Vancouver): The renormalisation group and some applications   outline
  Amin Coja-Oghlan (Frankfurt): Phase transitions in discrete structures: a rigorous perspective   slides   notes
  Dima Ioffe (Haifa): Stretched polymers in random environments
  Gregory Lawler (Chicago): Conformally invariant models in two dimensions   survey article

Application: The application has been closed.

For technical problems or other issues concerning the school, please contact Hana Matyskova (matyskova-at-cts-cuni-cz) or Marek Biskup (biskup-at-math-ucla-edu).

The school is intended for graduate students, postdocs and researchers in the fields of mathematical physics, probability and analysis. The local expenses of accepted participants will be covered with the help of the ESF-RGLIS funding.