MATH 31B, Winter 2017: CALCULUS
Sections 1 & 2

lecturer: Marek Biskup, MS 6180
time: MWF 10-11AM (Sect 1) and 11-12 AM (Sect 2)
location: MS 4000
office hours: (tentatively) MWF 1-2

Discussion, Sect 1 Discussion, Sect 2
TAs Y. Kwon (MS 3973)
D. Lichko (MS 3975)
C. Ohrt (MS 3915E)
J. Kenda (MS 2951)
A. Krieger (MS 3969)
C. Parkinson (MS 2903)
TA office hours

Quick links & announcements:    Class syllabus and Answers to HW problems

Final exam location: WG Young CS50

General information:

Textbook: Single Variable CALCULUS (third edition) by Jon Rogawski and Colin Adams, Freeman & Co.

The syllabus lists sections and topics to be covered and contains links to homework assignments.

There will be three evening midterms on Thursdays Jan 26, Feb 16 and March 9 at 6-8PM. The final exam will take place on

Sunday, March 19 at 8-11 AM;

the locations will be posted on this website as soon as they are known.

As the two sections are very large and coordinated, no make-up exams will be possible. No open book, no notes and no calculators will be allowed (and needed) on the exams.


The final grades will be assigned using the following method: First, letter grading (i.e., A, B+, C-, D etc.) will be used. Second, the cutoff between A-C and lower will be set at about 55% of the numerical score of points received in the whole class (see below). Those scoring less than the cutoff will receive Ds and Fs based on my best judgement. Those scoring above the cutoff will be assigned As, Bs, and Cs with approximate proportions 25%, 35% and 40%, respectively. The highest scoring 15-20% individuals in each group will then get a "+" and the lowest scoring 25-35% to receive a "-" with their letter grade. This excludes the grade of A+ which will be reserved to those with a fenomenal performance in the entire class.

The numerical score will be determined based on the following specific inputs:

  • homework
  • 10%
  • each of 3 midterms
  • 15%
  • final exam
  • 45%


    All exams will be based on homework so you key to success in this class is a regular completion of homework assignments. These will be distributed via the syllabus page in a pre-set (PDF) format. Your job is to print the assignment (double sided preferred), solve the problems on separate sheets of paper and then transcribe the polished solution to the space given. The amount of space given is deliberately limitted to motivate you to be clean in style (as well as to make the reader's job easier).

    The assignments will be due before class/midterm on the due date indicated. If you cannot make it for whatever reason, bring the assignment to me directly a day earlier (or ask a friend to drop it off for you). Once the class/midterm starts, the homework pile will be sealed and no exceptions will be made in the case of late HW.

    Office hours:

    Many of you will probably find the workload somewhat challenging, especially in the early weeks of the quarter. I will do my best to help you in the office hours. Remember that the OH are an integral part of the course and so all of you should find a way to show up in my office hours at least twice a week.

    Rules of conduct in the OH: We can talk about anything related (or unrelated) to the class, but when the discussion pertains to the solutions of homework problems that are still due, a no notes policy will apply. The same will apply to the TAs office hours.

    Class sharing:

    I am fine with you attending either of the lectures I will teach unless room occupancy becomes an issue. Beware, however, that the two lectures on the same day may be quite different as I often get out of sync and like to improvize. Same about office hours which I will try to find an overflow room for in the course of the first week of classes.

    TA sharing: The two sections I will teach have 12 discussion sections administered by the 6 TAs listed above. You should generally come to the discussion section you have been assigned to; exceptions can be made only subjet to apporoval of both concerned TAs. Note, however, that the homework will be returned to your assigned TA and handed out in your discussion section. Still, as far as office hours are concerned, all students are welcome to go to the office hours of any of the above TAs of their choice.


    There will be no honors section for this class. But I will be happy to discuss with each of you your interests and career choice. All this is what the office hours are good for.

    Email policy: I will be happy to respond to your email requests under the following condition: Your message must state the phrase MATH 31B in the subject line. (This happens automatically for messages generated by clicking on the link under the lecturer's name above.) The messages not adhering to this policy may be swallowed by my draconian spam filter and are unlikely to be answered.

    SMC advising: Additional consultations can be obtained from the Math Department Student Math Center located in MS 3974. SMC hours: M-R 9AM-3PM.