Undergraduate Research

  • Academic year undergraduate research for UCLA students I have a big research group and my PhD students and postdocs have priority for research positions. We have a few undergraduates who interact mostly with the postdocs and those students are typically recruited in conjunction with the summer REU and through regular classes. If you are a top student in the department we might be interested in talking to you about research. Only students with extensive upper division coursework and top grades will be considered.

  • Summer research Currently we are running a large summer REU program for eight weeks in the summer. Applications are due by mid February on mathprograms.org. Students are invited to apply from around the US and elsewhere. We currently only have funding for US Citizens and Permanent Residents from outside of UCLA. Funding for UCLA students includes foreign nationals as well as domestic students.

    Foreign students from outside of campus have two ways to participate - one is by obtaining support from your home institution and simultaneously applying to our program through mathprograms. The other is to apply through one of UCLA's structured programs for foreign nationals such as the CSST program. I am not taking unfunded or self-funded students in my research projects although you are welcome to talk to other UCLA faculty about their own research.

    Interested students with possible funding from their home institution should have a faculty member from the home institution contact me directly.