Ben Spitz


Office: Math Sciences 3915E
Office Hours: Tuesdays 6-7PM (Math 61) [Zoom]
Wednesdays 6-7PM (Math 121) [Zoom]
Fridays 12-1PM (Open) [Zoom]
And by appointment (email me!)


I'm a teaching assistant and Ph.D. student at UCLA. My research interests are mostly in algebra and abstract nonsense. I obtained my BS in mathematics from UC Santa Barbara in 2018. I also tutor math at most levels; please email me with inquiries.

I have a youtube channel here.


Year Quarter Course(s)
2018 Fall Math 31B
2019 Winter Math 61
Spring Math 61
Summer Math 61
Fall Math 32A
Fall Math 61
2020 Winter Math 32B
Winter Math 61
Spring Math 32B
Spring Math 115AH
Summer Math 115A
Summer Math 32A
Fall Math 110AH
2021 Spring Math 115AH
Fall Math 61
Fall Math 110AH
2022 Winter Math 61
Winter Math 121